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You know that we have a soft spot for Emily Ratajkowski. And there's a good reason for that: the brunette beauty loves to flaunt her incredible figure on Instagram, as she did on Thursday night: This isn't Ratajkowski's first swimsuit snap, obviously. Her Instagram feed is littered with bikini-clad delights for

THIS WEEK IN SEXY – Hottest Female Celebrity Selfies

A list of the hottest celebrity selfies. With the growing impact of social media, the general population aren't the only ones to enjoy the fruits of tapping into modern technology. Seeing our friends' selfies can be alright, though it's sometimes annoying. You'll be glad to know that celebrities not only

The Weed King of Instagram

This Dude Is 'The Weed King of Instagram', And His Lifestyle Will Make You Feel Really Poor Supercars, naked super models and beds of cash, if you follow the king of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, you are in the know of the playboy lifestyle. While Dan ‘apparently’ inherited millions from his dad,


Anyone who grew up in the social media age heard every adult tell them that every picture they post on the internet stays on there forever. Until Snapchat that is. Now you can post any pic you want and it’s gone in 10 seconds. Unless someone screenshots it. Then they

This Week In Sexy- Hotness Overloaded

  IT'S POSSIBLE TO BE BOTH SEXY AND ELEGANT There’s no worse travesty than when a woman with an impeccable body and wonderful curves is forced to cover up. She’s probably worked hard for her physique (or paid a pretty penny) and deserves to be able to flaunt it.  Let’s just say

This week in Sexy- Sexiest Female Cosplayers

There was a time when admitting that you played Dungeons and Dragons was a guaranteed first class ticket to Forever Alonesville. Well, rip up that ticket! Cosplay – the art of dressing up like your favourite character – is big business and now attracts some of the most attractive (and scantily

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

These Women are super tempting! 1) Italy Some of the most classy women reside in this wonderful land! With women as beautiful and varied in ‘flavour’ as their famous Pizzas and Pastas, you’ll never go hungry in Italy! Pun intended.   2) Russia The perfect blend of Eastern as well as Western features, Russian beauties can sweep

Boldest TV Series

With television venturing into path-breaking and coming of age themes with every new TV Series, directors and actors have seem to grown comfortable with on screen nudity. And then there are those TV shows that are so unapologetically bold, they literally bowl you over with their content. Here are the

Lies Every Indian Girl Tells

Lies Every Indian Girl Tells Most women don’t say what they mean and don’t mean what they say – a fact every man would swear by. Your Indian Bro, a desi YouTube channel, brings to you a video that will help you understand women a little better. How to know if

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