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Simple Ways You Can Lose That Belly Fat When You Have A Busy Life

“Who has the time, bro?” “It’s the indicator of prosperity! What are you saying?!” “I will join the gym next week, for sure! Arre, pakka!” “Screw dieting, I have to work extra hours, get me that chocolate brownie you were talking about.” One cannot really blame anyone these days for getting fat. We lead

How To Get Stronger Legs, And Eventually A Stronger Core

There’s a reason dudes fear leg day. It’s f*cking painful and needs a lot of determination. That’s why ‘chicken legs’ is actually becoming an epidemic. For those who don’t fear leg day, this is for you. Working out the legs shouldn’t be limited to isolation moves. It’s actually the compound

11 Great Ways To Get Fit Without Hitting The Gym

The gym is that one place where you can focus on everything except working out. You're distracted by gorgeous people, you're bored on the treadmill and lifting weights is just killing you. Fret not! Here are some activities that are more hands on and get you more involved without getting

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