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Pictures Of Emilia Clarke That Prove She’s The Coolest Member Of The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast

The Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi, has her Instagram game on point and there are no two ways about it. She has taken over the social media front in all its glory, and has set it on fire (something she is undoubtedly good at) with her ‘Game of Thrones’ puns and references, by fangirling celebs, and…

These Memes Explain People’s Reaction On Kickass Torrents Shutting Down

It has happened. Another one has bit the dust. The U.S. government has apparently seized, the largest torrents website in the world (yes, it was bigger than Pirate Bay) and arrested its 30-year-old Ukrainian owner. A sad day for users across the globe, indeed. Now we don’t know when the site will come back….

This Guy’s Witty Take On Misconceptions About Indian Muslims Will Leave You In Splits!

A society without humour is not a society worth living in. Therefore, in a country like India, where secularism is one of the founding pillars of the constitution, there is just one way to wipe out any speck of communal tension – humour. Check out this extremely witty stand up comedy act by Aariz Saiyed…

Killer Jokes Only A True Game Of Thrones Fan Will Get

Game of Thrones has us all hooked since the very first episode of Season 1. Heart wrenching deaths, unpredictable plot twists, gut wrenching violence – the show has it all. Well into Season 6, the makers of Game of Thrones still manages to have their viewers on their toes. As soon as we are done watching…

5 Times Mahendra Singh Dhoni Owned Journalists With His Sarcastic Humour

MS Dhoni, India’s world-cup-winning captain, turns 34 today, and we celebrate his birthday with these witty sarcastic comments he has made over the years. © BCCL   © BCCL   © Facebook   © Facebook   © Facebook Photo: © BCCL (Main Image)

Most Hilarious Ways To Insult Someone

There are annoying people and then there are those that can make you want to give them a hi5 in the face, with a chair. The middle finger works just fine at most of such occasions but for those times when you’re actually in the mood for a war of words, here are 26 hilarious…

Humour: Dirty Jokes

The next best thing to actually having sex is laughing about others’ follies in the bedroom. Enjoy these five dirty jokes! Room Service A man is in a hotel lobby and wants to ask the clerk a question. As he turns to go to the front desk, he accidentally bumps into a woman beside him and as…

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