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Reasons Why You Are Not Loosing Belly Fat

Still can’t button your skinny jeans after weeks of exercise and dieting? Here are tips on what you can do to finally flatten your belly.Many people turn to steady-state cardio workouts, like long jogs, when trying to slim down. The problem with this approach: A 45-minute run at a consistent

How to Lose Weight According to Your Body Type

A lot of people follow random weight loss plans, some of them might be extreme, and still can’t lose the expected weight. There are different types of bodies and you cannot expect one single method to work on all of them. Here are the 3 main body types for women

“RICH RUSSIAN KIDS” Are Taking Internet By Storm

Us common folk love to be in contact with opulence. It helps us forget about the mundane everyday-ness of our lives and our eyes inexplicably glisten with hope. But ever think of what luxury would look like at its most obscene? Take the amount of money in your mind and

Lifestyle Things You’ve Been Doing All Wrong

Fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea. While it is a tricky business, there are certain fashion items that you can certainly take of, with ease. We complicate things when we don’t know the simpler way of doing them.Here are 14 fashion things you never knew you were doing wrong and provide simpler ways of doing

8 Tips On How to Be a Better Version of Yourself

Photo credit: Bigstock 1. MEDITATEThere is so much more to meditation than just merely “ohm”-ing while sitting on your buttocks with your legs crossed. A growing body of research has proven the benefits of meditation. Meditation helps lower stress, increases focus and encourages emotional stability. Meditation also helps us to be

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