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Why To Have A Serious Relation

1). You Always Have A Person To Share Your Pain Or Happiness. 2). The Part Is to Fall Asleep With The Person You Really Love3). A Day With His/Her Alone is the best day of your life4). You will Find Happiness in Every small thing5). Holding His/Her Hand Gives you power

29 Signs She Is Secretly In Love With You

You’re ‘just friends’, but there’s something strange between you two that you just cannot stop noticing. She’s not like any other girl friend. Just the way she behaves around you is proof enough. Is she secretly in love with you? Well, if she’s doing these 29 things, she most probably

Things Women Do That Men Find Irresistibly Sexy

Being sexy or hot is not just about looks, it’s also about subtle personality traits, or even everyday habits that you are not even aware that you are doing. Here is an article that spells out some of the most unintentionally done things by women that most (almost all) men

Why Men Fail To Get The Girl They Desire

There are a variety of reasons why a girl rejects a man, some of them are out of your control but most of them are mistakes made by men. Being disrespectful or a creep or just downright possessive might put her off. So, here are twelve reasons why men fail to

Facts That Make You Believe You Are In Love

overwhelming. Our lives depend on it and it often seems like our planet would stop spinning if love didn’t exist. Love is something we strive for and something we mourn the loss of.A lovesick panda once said that “if you’re never been hurt, you’re either very lucky, or very lonely”.We

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