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Actors Who Play the Same Role in Every Movie

In Hollywood, some actors are known for playing different roles, while others are known for sticking to similar ones in every movie they take part in! Whether it’s a coincidence or not, these actors represent the same character at all times. Either they need to step up their game, or get

Ever Wondered How Torrents Work?

Admit it! We've all used torrents to download stuff off the net. Whether it's movies, TV shows, music, games or other shady stuff available on the internet, we all have torrents to thank. It's a life saver of sorts and some people only thrive because of this free boon to

Nerdy Characters That Are Actually Bombshells

I've always wondered how the casting call happens for a less-than-pretty character. Do they specify before the auditions? I don't know. What I do know is that they didn't do that with these nerdy characters. They tried to pass off these completely gorgeous women as frumpy, plain, or unappealing.1. Pam

Most Intense Movie Fight Scenes Ever

Fight scenes have become an important part of movie history. They can easily suck an audience member in with their high impact, mindblowing, well choreographed, and over the top brutality. But one thing everyone loves is intensity in a fight scene because you just don't know who will come out


THIS WEEK IN SEXY— X-MEN COSPLAY 1-RogueCosplayer: Black Cat2-PsylockeCosplayer: Oki-Cospi 3-Scarlet WitchCosplayer: Mostflogged4-PolarisCosplayer: Yaya Han5-MystiqueCopslayer: Jessica LG6-X23Cosplayer: Florencia Sofe7-Shadowcat KittyCosplayer: Calssara8-CyclopsCosplayer: Dash Cosplay9-WolverineCosplayer: Fangirl10- Emma FrostCosplayer: Dayna Baby

This season is all about big, explosive blockbusters movies…

There are lots of different kinds of movies coming out this Summer, but let's be real: the season is all about big, explosive blockbusters. This Summer will be no different — there are three superhero movies, high-octane thrill rides, and the kind of sequels you're happy Hollywood is still making.

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