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“RICH RUSSIAN KIDS” Are Taking Internet By Storm

Us common folk love to be in contact with opulence. It helps us forget about the mundane everyday-ness of our lives and our eyes inexplicably glisten with hope. But ever think of what luxury would look like at its most obscene? Take the amount of money in your mind and

Why India should join Russian in Syria

Warplanes from multiple countries are screaming through the skies over Syria. On the ground, terrorist groups are nibbling at Syria’s extremities. It is an environment that India should jump right into. Here are six good reasons why India needs to send its well-trained and ferocious military to defend beleaguered Syria. India

It’s Crazy The Longest Highway On The Planet

For the longest time in history, the Bering Strait has been a hypothetical bridge or tunnel between Russia and the Seward Peninsula in the U.S. state of Alaska- until now. Almost a dream project, a mega highway connecting the easternmost border of Russia to the westernmost corner of Alaska has finally been approved by the Russian Railways' president Vladimir

Russian Air Force pounded 50 ISIS targets in Syria over 3 days

The Russian Air Force has conducted more than 60 flights and bombed over 50 Islamic State targets in three days, according to Russia’s top armed forces official. He added the strikes have significantly reduced the terrorists’ combat capabilities. “The airstrikes were being conducted night and day from the Khmeimim airbase and

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