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Iraqi deadline to Turkey – 24 hours to withdraw troops

Few days after Turkish soldiers entered Iraq and stationed near Mosul in order to provide training to local militia fighting ISIS, Iraqi government want their withdraw. According to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Turkey must withdraw its troops from Iraq within 24 hours to avoid the matter being reviewed by the

France extends support to India’s stake in UNSC

France has pledged support for India's claim to <a href="">permanent membership at the Security Council. </a> This was conveyed by the French side to the Indian government, official sources said. They said France has also welcomed India's engagement in the <a href="">UN peace-keeping operations</a> expressing the view that the world would be

A Big Night For India’s Bid For UN Security Council

It's a crucial day for India in its lengthy battle for a spot on the United Nations Security Council, and China could hold the key. The nearly 200 member countries of the United Nations are meant to meet tonight to consider how to word the document that would call for reforming

France supports India as permanent UN Security Council member

UNITED NATIONS: Asserting that the UN must reform to reflect contemporary realities, veto-wielding permanent member France has voiced support for India in an expanded UN Security Council. Permanent Representative of France to the UN, Francois Delattre said at a session of the General Assembly to commemorate the victims of World War

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