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Windows 10, one month later: The good & the bad

Microsoft aimed to take on the 'post-PC' world with Windows 8/8.1 getting rid of its hallmark Start menu and the desktop, optimizing the UI mainly for touch devices. The move did not go down well with a large number of desktop and laptop users who're loyal to their keyboards and

Windows 10 Released | Review

Windows 10 Release date

Microsoft   Yes, the Start menu is back. Yes, there are virtual desktops. No, the Charms bar hasn't gone away. And no, we don't know when Windows 10 will ship or what it will cost. But we've seen the technical preview of Windows 10 and the word to bear in mind for


This Wednesday, marks the debut of Windows 10. Along with the release, they are also pushing out updates before the launch. A Microsoft Knowledge Base number of KB3074679 and a new driver for Intel HD graphics are some of the updates that were announced. Microsoft has adopted a new roll out

All you need to know about Windows 10

Windows 10 Release date

It's official, the next release of what is still the world's most popular computer operating system, will be available for download, starting July 29. So should you get ready to install it or give it a miss? How much will it cost? Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for millions of

Windows 10 Release Date 29th July

Windows 10 Release date

The world's largest software company had earlier said Windows 10 would be released this "summer". Windows 10 is Microsoft's attempt to win over mobile users and features a new mode called 'Continuum' which allows for a seamless transition of the user interface no matter which device you're using -- a 4-inch


microsoft cortana

Catching up with the ground-breaking innovations of Google and Apple, Microsoft updated its latest Windows OS with the delayed but functional voice assistantCortana. Windows’ personal virtual companion was rightly named after the fictional character of Halo game series as it had similar personality traits like intelligence and wittiness. But recently, Microsoft

Windows 10 is latest & last version of Windows: Microsoft

Microsoft says that Windows 10 will be its final release of the iconic operating system that's installed on over 90% of computers. "Right now we're releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we're all still working on Windows 10," said Jerry Nixon, Microsoft's developer evangelist,

What We Know about Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft has released a new Technical Preview build of Windows 10 at this year's Build developer conference. Although not all the new Windows 10 features that were announced at Build are available in this Insider Preview release, users will find improvements to Continuum, Cortana and more. There's a lot of visual

Microsoft debuts new Mail, Calendar apps in latest Windows 10 release

Microsoft debuts new Mail, Calendar apps in latest Windows 10  Microsoft rolled out a new build of its Windows 10 Technical Preview late Wednesday afternoon. The update brings Windows 10 Technical Preview to build 10061, and comes with new versions of the Mail and Calendar apps. At this time, the release is only

Windows 10 has arrived on for Windows phones

The latest preview of Windows 10 has arrived on for Windows phones, and it brings a slew of new features to a far larger list of Windows Phones. The adventurous among us will find a slew of new apps and features, including revamp Phone, Messaging, and People apps. The Maps experience

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