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Edgy & Relatable Web Series That Are a Must Watch

When it comes to instant gratification and just the right kind of young and vibrant entertainment one wants to binge-watch, there’s only so much Indian television can do for you. For those who love stories more than dramatic plot twists, and for those who still can’t figure out why saas-bahu

All Snape’s Scenes In Order And It’s Amazing

SNAPE IS A HERO AND DON’T SAY OTHERWISE. YouTube user kcawesome13 has put together all of Snape’s important scenes from the eight Harry Potter films to show just how much the misunderstood potions professor went through. The movies are restricted to telling Snape’s past with a variety of flashbacks. This changes that and

5 Original Indian Web Series You Should Watch

We know that the reason you started watching English TV Series was to simply escape from the mindless drama that Indian TV had to offer. We also understand that you got hooked on to them because of their fresh storyline and clever content. But what if we tell you that

Caught here a video,finally on Indian Father’s reaction

Matherhood is great because you can ruin something from scratch. Yeah right,you heard it right but the condition is that 'thing should be of your mother.' In this video they guys did incredible job of father and mother. There are 4 guys those are playing roll of 1.Father (Head of the family  but


This is a reaction to the whole Jasleen Kaur incident going viral in India. The media's uncontrollable shaming and naming; the people's immediate reaction, and the male bashing got Mensutra inspired to make this video. This Guy Gives the Perfect Response to Jasleen Kaur Situation Must Watch


FELIX KJELLBERG AKA PEWDIEPIEYoutube Maybe you missed it. Howard Stern, the self-titled king of all media, recently got into apissing match with digital pundit Jeff Jarvis about the value of the $7 million man—well,$7.4 million, actually—PewDiePie, née Felix Kjellberg, the Swedish YouTuber with an audience of 38 million. Stern and Jarvis


Lisa Schwartz 1,554,000 Subscribers on YouTube The beautiful Lisa Schwartz is starring in a new show about the trials and tribulations of being a Birthday Party Princess, so of course we had to shoot her wearing nothing but a tiara and enjoying some cake.   Jaclyn Glenn 335,400 Subscribers on YouTube Beauty Jaclyn Glenn is an

Fascinating Facts About YouTube You Didn’t Know!

As we all know Youtube is the most popular video sharing website on Web and the second Biggest search engine just after google and the world’s third most Visited website(according to Alexa) after google & facebook. Watch this video to know Fascinating Facts About YouTube You Didn’t Know....  

YouTube Gaming is Google’s play against Twitch

With an unanticipated announcement on Twitter, YouTube has branched into the gaming world withYouTube Gaming, seemingly Google's answer to Twitch. Little is known about what YouTube Gaming will entail at the moment, but it's clear that Google is capitalizing on the success of YouTubers like Pewdiepie, who specialize in "Let's play"

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