Lisa Schwartz
1,554,000 Subscribers on YouTube


The beautiful Lisa Schwartz is starring in a new show about the trials and tribulations of being a Birthday Party Princess, so of course we had to shoot her wearing nothing but a tiara and enjoying some cake.


Jaclyn Glenn
335,400 Subscribers on YouTube


Beauty Jaclyn Glenn is an outspoken activist who supports many social causes, which you’ll often hear her talking about in her YouTube videos. But we found underneath it all, Jaclyn is really a squeaky clean sweetheart, even when she puts on strappy lingerie for us.


Nikki Limo
317,000 Subscribers on YouTube


If there’s one thing the Internet loves, it’s cats and beautiful women. So naturally YouTuber Nikki Limo is a web sensation, considering her sexy hipster style paired with her love for her cat (and costar) Franklin is at the forefront her YouTube videos. We love any woman who embraces her crazy cat lady side.

Arika Sato
245,800 Subscribers on YouTube


Beauty and fitness guru Arika Sato proves that fitness and fashion can coexist in one beautiful package. Her dedicated fan base on YouTube proves Arika has some sort of hypnotizing power on the Internet. It definitely worked on us.

Meg Turney
216,400 Subscribers on YouTube


Meg Turney is the type of dream girl every nerd is hoping to see at the other end of his twitch stream. We did a throwback shoot that was reminiscent of the innocent days of Atari, Simon Says and Revenge of the Nerds.

Lauren Francesca
157,700 subscribers on YouTube


Space Girl is her alter ego, and it was like we were shooting two different women in one day. The actress and comedian draws huge views from her videos on YouTube, and it’s no wonder why.

Aja Dang
98,949 Subscribers on YouTube


We were inspired by her videos “Where is Aja Dang” and brought her to an exotic location in Los Angeles. The natural beauty is the type of girl you’d hopefully end up sitting next to at the bar on your next vacation.


Syd Wilder
26,830 Subsribers on YouTube


Syd Wilder is a multimedia rock star. Her work in SciFi movies like Super Shark and Piranacondamade us want to imagine what might happen if she woke up next to her costar. You know, a killer whale, after one hell of a bender.

Lexi Noel
21,700 Subscribers on YouTube


The high energy 19-year-old ran circles around the crew and definitely wins the title of “Miss Congeniality.” Known for her budding music career and makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube, Lexi isn’t going anywhere.

Elizabeth Tran
4,950 Subscribers on YouTube


International beauty Elizabeth Tran is all about sexy movement. The Chinese and Vietnamese mixed model showed off her skills as a self-made video vixen in our shoot.

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