The best places to visit in August

August is the time, when monsoons have set in every corner of India. This should set your imagination free to all the places that you could not visit before. Do not hesitate in planning a trip this time, as this versatile country has a place for every season, budget and mood. And what more of a reason can you look for, when the monsoon has created the perfect ambience everywhere.

To feed your imagination, this time of the year gives you lush green mountains, beautiful sunsets, crystal clear waters reflecting vibrant green surroundings and not to miss, the sky high waterfalls. Can’t wait to be there, already? Well, hold your horses and read out the list of some of the best places to be visited in India during the month of August.


Mount Abu is a very rare and striking hill station, interestingly, because it is the only one in the whole state. Placed in the hills of Aravalli, Mount Abu is rich in flora and fauna. The area presents a scenic view surrounded by green hills and forests, it is home to several lakes, waterfalls and other tourist attractions. August is the best time to visit Mount Abu, it is the monsoon season, but this area receives less rainfall. The beauty of the place gets enhanced in the rain, making it the perfect place for the nature lovers.


The former French colony, is a small town on the coast of Southern India. The place still carries the  air of the long left colonists, the heritage structures, road and buildings make up the town of Pondicherry. The place serves as a destination for a relaxed and leisurely holiday. You can enjoy the sparkling beaches and the fresh seafood at this place. The best time to visit Pondicherry during summers, you can enjoy the beach activities and there is much less traffic in the town at this time.


Khandala, along with Lonavlaare the twin hill stations located in the Western Ghats, Maharashtra. The place is easily accessible from neighboring cities, is most visited site for hiking and picnics. Khandala offers a scenic view of the grassy hills, spotless valleys and numerous lakes. You can visit Khandala anytime of the year, however, you will get to witness the raw beauty of the surroundings during the monsoon season. The monsoon starts from June – August, Khandala receives rainfall intently and makes the place look more beautiful. Even the waterfalls look abundant at this time.


Situated in the state of Kerala, is the distinguished tiger and elephant reserve of the Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is along the banks of an artificial lake made from the Periyar river. This National Park is well known in the South, it is home to several wildlife like Deers of different types, wild pigs, Gaur and more besides the elephant and the tiger. Periyar National Park is one of the few in India that remains open during monsoon which is the best time to experience nature and wildlife of this wildlife sanctuary in Kerala.


There is a ruined city of Mandu or Mandavgad in Madhya Pradesh and is one of the top tourist destinations in the state. This abandoned Mughal city is situated on a hill, its originality is traced back to the 10th century, when the Paramr ruler made it the capital. Among the visitors, the place is famous for its magnificent fort, dilapidated palaces, pavilions and more. The best time to visit this city is during the monsoon, around August. Mandu is a monsoon resort, the place becomes vibrant and fresh at this time.


Shirdi is an important pilgrimage center, thousands of devotees come to visit this place in Maharashtra. Shirdi is basically an abode of a great saint, Sai Baba, who preached universal brotherhood. All the activities of the town are in relation to him and his temple. There are various places in and around the town for your spiritual journey to continue and the best time to visit Shridhi is during the monsoon season, around August. The temperature decreases, making your trip much more pleasurable.


The hill station of Tamil Nadu, with its colonial charm and the beautiful environment is a perfect place for relaxation. Ooty is one of the major tourist destinations of the state, alluring the visitors with its greenery and cool climate. The place has much to offer you, starting from the stunning landscape, luxury hotels and even a nearby wildlife experience. The best time to visit Ooty is during the monsoon, around August, when the rainfall is heavy. At this time the beauty and the freshness of the place is doubled.


It is a hill station near the major cities of Mumbai and Pune. Lonavala along with Khandala is picturesque escape for the city people and serves as a great spot for hiking, picnics, nature walks and weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune. Verdant landscape and floating clouds and cool climate makes the month of August, the best time to visit Lonavla. This place is also famous for the chikki it produces (hard candy). Tourists visit the place during the monsoon season the most, around August. The sight of waterfalls and the overflowing dams are pleasurable during this time.


The second highest plunge waterfall in the country is located in the state of Karnataka. Sharavathi river forms the Jog Falls, it is the most magnificent and striking falls in the state. It is located in a densely forested region and watching the water flow down, makes the view magical altogether. Monsoon is the best time to visit this part, around August. The monsoon rain makes the waterfalls descend in full intensity.


This place is one of the most popular backwater destinations in the state of Kerala. The beauty of the place is enhanced by the bird sanctuary that runs along the banks of the backwaters. By cruising along the river you can experience an utmost relaxation and come across local villages and colorful exotic birds. During the monsoon, Kumarakom becomes fresh and vibrant. The temperature cools down and the sight of many waterfalls is noteworthy.


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