The Most Embarrassing And Hilarious Punishment Given

Parenting is not an easy job, especially when you need to teach discipline to your kids. Ideas of punishing children differs from parents to parents.We have got some special bunch of parents who gave the most embarrassing and hilarious punishments to their kids for not obeying them and losing a bet of discipline.

1. A barber came up with an idea of giving your child a “old-man” haircut as a punishment of misbehaving.


2. A football league known as”Tattoo League” set a rule for the player who finishes last has to get a tattoo designed by the first-place winner to make him shameful.


3. A girl breaks curfew so her dad made him wear a t-shirt to school, which says “try me”.


4. This guy who lost in a fantasy hockey pool had to dress like a girl in one of the busiest intersections in Waterloo, Ontario.


5. Dad made a special t-shirt for his 10-year-old daughter after he caught his fifth grader daughter pretending to be 18 on social media!


6. When a mom in Murray, Utah found out that her 4th-grade daughter bullying others about her clothes, she decided to send her daughter to school in ugly outfits.


7. Fed up with his daughter wearing shorts, a Utah dad decided to wear a shorts and roam around like she did.


8. After his daughter saying this “Dad, you’re embarrassing me” he made her wear a shirt like this.


9. Henry Stern and his friends, came up with one of the hilarious punishments where he had to recreate moments of pop culture, which would make them embarrassed.


10. A parent decided to tie braids together of their daughter which would symbolize “get along”.



These were the most embarrassing and hilarious punishments given by parents to their children, which would make them realize the mistake in a the most polite way.

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