The Weed King of Instagram

This Dude Is ‘The Weed King of Instagram’, And His Lifestyle Will Make You Feel Really Poor

Supercars, naked super models and beds of cash, if you follow the king of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, you are in the know of the playboy lifestyle. While Dan ‘apparently’ inherited millions from his dad, this dude started from the scratch and now sits atop a million dollar empire. Meet Michael Straumietis aka the ‘Marijuana King of Instagram’.

Bed time stories #BigMike #AdvancedNutrients #MarijuanaMansion #420 #SB50

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He’s rich.

He got sexy as hell models ‘helping’ him with his vacation around the globe.

The only way to fly. #HighInTheSky #BigMike #advancednutrients #medicalmarijuana

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More models, of course.

Private jets.

About to get #HighInTheSky #BigMike #AdvancedNutrients #Cannabis #MedicalMarijuana

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And more models.

Before you jump the gun, let me tell you he isn’t a weed dealer or any kind of drug dealer anyways. Nor has he inherited wads of wild cash from his dad. In fact, his dad died when he was young and his mother was a drug addict. The dude comes from a normal middle class background.

So, how did he get rich? Well, Michael doesn’t sell weed but what he sells on a massive scale is a top-shelf fertilizer to grow weed. Yup, his Canada based business is pretty legit and legal. Check out his IG and you’ll know how much he loves kush!


✈️ Our J1 strain on @xxbleedgoldxx

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His weed fertilizer firm is called Advanced Nutrients and is globally renowned for its quality products. He started his company when he was19 and by the time he was 23 years old, he got into growing hydroponic marijuana. (Hydroponic marijuana means growing stuff without soil.)

He soon sold his lawn fertilizer business and became a full time grower. A few short-lived stints behind the bars and almost 30 years later, this dude is almost a $100 million rich!

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