Things Girls Do When They’re Alone

Its awkward, Its abstract but it’s True. Find out the weirdest things girls do alone.

This may annoy some girls but its true. Apart from that, they sing all kind of weird songs enacting as if they are the real singers. They keep daydreaming about future and what kind of person they want to end up with. They eat in a very non classy manner in privacy and forget about the diet they keep telling about they are strictly following. Many girls watch TV a lot when they are alone and like doctoral student, they slice up the character of reality television stars with preciseness from what they wear to what they speak. They love to take not just their several front facing camera selfies, but also selfies with their materialistic stuff. They tend to talk on phone for long hours in the same bed and giggle while watching TV. If they are drunk, then their jokes make you speechless as they themselves don’t know what is there to laugh at.

So Girls are also Not behind Boys. :p :p

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