This Backpacking Trail In India Beats Any Backpacking Trip In Europe Hands Down!

  1. Start from KOLKATA, The most Colourful City of India

During the British era in India, the English headquarters were located in Kolkata for a really long time. It will be foolish to say that you can expect a London out of Kolkata but, it will surely make you forget your yearning to visit London.

Fizzip Traveller Rusty james shares, “Just visit this city. And I bet you would love to visit again and again. This city is really the city of joy. The food, the culture, the maidan, Prinsep Ghat, howrah bridge, the biryani of aminia, the mutton of gol bari, well there are many. Do visit the city once and see how it is, it will give you some good vibration for sure.”

2. Swiz Apls are good BUT nothing like THE HIMALAYAS

The Himalayas will mesmerise you at first sight. Fizzip Traveller Saroj Kandangkel shares, “Planned a trip from Delhi to Munsiyari on 6th June 2010 by own Car. The weather was good at Munsiyari but was cloudy at Chaukori. At Munsiyari the view of Himalayas (mainly Panchuli peaks) is spectacular. The Sunset scores over Sunrise at Munsiyari. Sun rise is hazy, but during sunset the mountains becomes golden with rays of sun.”

3.  Taste the world’s finest TEA from the Tea estates in Darjeeling

What could be better than going to the tea estates where the world’s tastiest tea is picked by local farmers just for you, leaving you with a tea treat that no one in this universe can experience.

Fizzip Traveller Aniruddha Ghosh shares, “Taste the Authentic Darjeeling Tea. Mall is the heart of Darjeeling. You have to come here because it is a main shopping place. If you want to test some best tea of Darjeeling then please visit once.”

4. Forget French Riveira. Ride on the East Coast Road

The East Coast Road has to be one of the most beautiful rides in India.

Fizzip Traveller Balaji shares about the ECR, “Chennai to Pondicherry is a 140-km-drive. Drive on the beautiful East Coast Road (ECR ) and you can reach Pondicherry in solid 80 minutes! There’s a toll on the outskirts of Chennai. The road is smooth without any bumps for the full stretch.”

5.  Live in Pondicherry to understand French Culture

Commonly known as the French Colony of India, Pondicherry is always here to make you feel more French than visiting France.

Fizzip Traveller Vinay shares, “Good to have evening walk and good amount of crowd is available. You can visit in mid night no restriction but don’t visit during high tides. Enjoy Puducherry also you can taste French food as beach is near French Colony.”

6. Travel to DHANUSHKODI to know history of Indian Culture

The most crucial event that shaped the story in the greatest of epics heard – Ramayana; took place here. Apart from that, it still remains one of the most mystically gorgeous destinations in the world.

Fizzip Traveller Asmita Pradhan shares, “This place is roughly 20 kms away from the Rameshwaram Railway Station. You can take the bus till the bus and if you wish to go further till Rama Sethu, hire a jeep or join a group of people. If you are travelling on your own vehicle, I’d advise you to take it only till Dhanuskodi beach and not further than that as the roads till Rama Sethu is still under construction. This particular place has a significance in Indian mythology and is also is closer to Sri Lankan Border. They also say that you can see one of the islands of Sri Lanka if you stand on the tip of the Island on this side. The beach is unsafe for bathing or even any other beach activities as the tide is always high. The view is just magnificent. If you spot a fishermen, do look out for their baskets. You might just see starfishes like i did. The drive till Rama Sethu is a little scary but it’s worth it. They usually don’t allow anyone to go till the end of the land. But if you do, you will get to point where the two seas meet. The Dhanuskodi village is wrecked and there’s nothing much left to see except for few monuments here and there. Overall the experience was good. If you ever happen to visit Rameshwaram, you shouldn’t miss out on this lesser known piece of land to the world.”

7. Visit Allepey, The Venice of India

People from all across the world come here to spend time in the backwaters of Kerala.

Fizzip Traveller Swamikiranpaul Batlanki shares, “”A relaxing, rejuvenating and rejoiceful experience. Great place with great location and activity to do. The place is truly God’s own land and the rivers and the utility of tourism and the scenic beauty and above all Ramada surely had made a great difference in our hectic lives. It was so relaxing, rejuvenating and rejoiceful experience.”

8.  Forget Rome, Visit Rajasthan for its Architecture

Rajasthan, apart from its disparate culture and gorgeous architecture, has strong tales to share that will leave you awestruck.

Fizzip Traveller Anand Sampath shares, “My wife and me decided to visit Rajasthan for a small holiday just after Diwali this year. I have been there before but wanted to see the place after almost 10 years. We covered Jaipur landing there first. Jaipur disappointed in the fact that the fort was under repairs and most of the places was covered with scaffoldings. The city palace was tolerable but the approach was filled with uncleaned garbage and human wastes. Our trip to other places was memorable-Jodhpur, Udaipur, Mount Abu and Jalsemer but what stood out was the place called Bishnoi Village Camp and Resort. Of all the places in Rajasthan, I strongly recommend a small resort just 20 kms away from Jodhpur(on the route to Udaipur) near Guda Village. The place became famous because of Salman Khan and the black buck issue. The place I am referring to is BISHNOI CAMP AND RESORT.

9.  Paris is Romantic? You have not been to Udaipur then

Udaipur is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Well, it doesn’t have an Eiffel tower, although, it has a lake palace that would make anyone go weak in their knees.

Fizzip Traveller Mannan Shaikh shares, “The most romantic city of India. Udaipur is one of the most popular city of India among tourists for its spellbinding charm. It’s very scenic & romantic with lakes, islands, hills, greenery & is clean & organized too. In Udaipur a lot of Bollywood sequences have been shot, mainly picturesque songs in dreamy locations.”

10. Celebrate all around the year in Goa

Cheap alcohol and parties all round the year? Well, Goa it is, without a doubt. You can either chill with a beer on the beach or a shack or a pub or anywhere you’d like to and no one will bother you for drinking. Why travel all the way to Munich for that?

Fizzip Traveller Brian Dsouza shares, “Goa in the rainy season is like icing on the cake. I will straight away jump to the benefits of travelling to Goa in the rainy season. First of all nature is at its best during this period. Due to off season the hotels are cheap. The beaches more beautiful and you are an adventurous kind of person the Doodhsagar waterfalls will mesmerize you all over. The main reason to visit Goa is the countless number of pubs and bars and the cheap alcohol

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