This Unseen CCTV Footage Of 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

On 26 November 2015, not only Indians but the whole world paid tribute to the fighters who gave up their lives in the Mumbai Attacks. It was the seventh anniversary of Mumbai Attacks which took place on 26th November 2008.

On that day, 10 terrorists from Pakistan entered India through the route of sea and opened fire at multiple locations, 166 people were killed, 18 of which were security officers and several were injured in these deadly attacks. They also damaged property, the value of which was in crore of rupees.

All the terrorists excluding one, Ajmal Kasab were killed, after four years on November 21, 2012 Kasab was hanged till death after the court sentenced him to death.

Here is the unseen video of 26/11 attacks which shows how these 10 terrorists brought Mumbai to standstill:


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