This Week in Sexy- Hottest Bond Babes

Writing this story required a lot of research so, do not take this listing lightly. I had to go through numerous photographs, multiple videos, spend quite a few sleepless nights and important work hours to draw up this comprehensive collection of the sexiest Bond women to come into our lives. And given the choices at hand, this was not an easy task. Feel free to disagree, by the way, because after all, to each his own (martini).



Eva Green in Casino Royale is the ultimate temptress. You don’t care about what she is up to as long as you can keep watching her. With those green eyes and dark mane of hair, she is the stuff of hot dreams.


Xenia Onatopp in Golden Eye is possibly the most twisted female role in any Bond film. She is ravishing, debauched, likes her sex hard core and climaxes while shooting people to death. Remember that crazy ass sauna scene with Brosnan?

talisa soto man's world

Talisa Soto is a drop of delicious caramel in License to Kill. Exotic, uninhibited with a hint of good-girl-gone-bad, she is actually remembered more than Timothy Dalton in that film.

It takes quite a woman to make a Daniel Craig eat out of her hands. Maybe Craig’s Bond is hunkier than we would like 007 to be, but he was reduced to a puddle whenever Caterina Murino was on screen in Casino Royale.

Sophie Marceau in The World Is Not Enough strikes the right balance between hot and cold – sensual and passionate for appetizers and then cold and vindictive for dessert. Also, them legs.

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