Times Villains Were Horrifyingly Awesome In Superhero Movies

We’re living in an age where superhero movies are at the top of the food chain when it comes to the box office; the likes of Thor, Iron Man, Batman and Captain America are just a sample of the great characters we’ve come to love on the big screen, but sometimes they aren’t even the highlight of their own movies.

The only thing that can challenge a superhero is a super-villain, and we have seen some pretty great ones over the years. Some want to take the throne and others just want to watch the world burn. This article will look at 5 moments villains stole the show and made us root for the bad guys.


Loki On The Helicarrier

Marvel hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to villains in their cinematic universe, but you can’t deny that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is the exception.

After his villainous introduction in Thor, Loki decided he’d move onto the big leagues and work with Thanos to reign over Earth. The plan didn’t quite work out thanks to the Avengers, but that doesn’t mean Loki didn’t have his great moments. While being held prisoner on the helicarrier Loki managed to create a mini civil war between the heroes, distracting them while he carried out his master plan to control the planet.

This sequence perfectly showed off who Loki is, that he could still manage to tear the Avengers apart from a locked cage.

The Winter Soldier Fist Fight

Although Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier was more of a puppet than a villain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he still had some great moments when going up against Cap.

Obviously, his standout moment as a villain was on the collapsing helicarrier as he refused to accept his memories, and continually hit, shot and kicked his old pal Captain America. This was just one of the amazing scenes between Cap and The Winter Soldier that managed to show how equally matched they are — and boy does it look amazing when they fight.

Bane Breaks Batman

The Dark Knight Rises might have had its issues, but the first fight scene between Batman and Bane was unlike anything I’ve seen on the big screen.

Bane’s style of fighting was brutal and impossibly violent, so it’s no surprise that he ended up defeating the Dark Knight in this epic sequence. Not only was it great to see Batman at his weakest after Bane breaks him, but the action itself was amazing to see. Nothing in cinema gets me more excited than when a comic book movie uses the source material within the movie, and Bane breaking Batman’s back was ripped straight from the comics.

Green Goblin Kills Gwen

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had its problems, and we might have a brand new Spidey but if you didn’t tear up during this scene then you’re one of two things: a liar or a monster.

Gwen Stacy’s death was something that I thought might happen but never believed they would do, especially not so brutally. The first love of Peter’s life was taken away from him in the most devastatingly painful way, if you watch the scene you can see that Peter’s web is actually the thing that kills Gwen in the movie. I mean she would have died anyway,but by lifting her in the middle Peter allowed her head to be vulnerable when it hit.

Putting Peter in the position where he blames himself for Gwen’s death is one of the most villainous things I’ve ever seen on the big screen.

Joker In The Police Station


Heath Ledger’s performance as the clown prince of crime will go down as one of the greatest. Nolan created a Joker who didn’t have a master plan, who didn’t know what would happen at the end of the story but just wanted to watch the world burn.

This scene perfectly showed the audience who the Joker was. Just having him clap at this moment told the audience how mad the Joker really is, and what he’s capable of. Of course, this isn’t the craziest moment in the movie; it is however my favorite, as it just displays how great Heath Ledger’s Joker was.

These Are Just 5 Moments. Drop Your Favorite In The Comments.


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