Tips To Increase Your Smartphone Battery

5 tips to improve your smartphone battery life


1. Be clean with your apps

If I could give you just one tip, it’s this: if your battery has ‘suddenly’ become rubbish, it’s not usually your phone that’s killing it, it’s an app.

Have a look in the battery section of your settings menu (or ‘Usage’ on an iPhone) and see if there’s anything playing up – some apps will get caught constantly trying to sync, allowing you to just watch that battery meter fall.

2. Turn down your screen brightness

Yes, it’s great that your new phone can go brighter than the sun (as that’s really useful outdoors) but most of the time you don’t need all those lumens. While most of you will have tagged auto-brightness already, letting your phone react to the ambient conditions, you can take it one step further.

Many phones allow you to lower the intensity of the auto brightness, so when outside and in shade have a play with this until you get to a level that’s comfortable for you.

Oh, and make sure your screen lock is turned down to the minimum time. Chances are you’ll mostly only glance at your phone anyway.

3. Lose the vibration

If you’re constantly worried about battery, turning off the little buzzing motor in your phone can help. It’s usually located in the ‘Sound’ settings, and most phones will need you to turn off things like notifications, key presses and other elements separately, but it’s worth the effort for that extra juice.


4. Stop the background syncing

If you’ve not found any rogue apps in your system, then it doesn’t mean there aren’t any programs in there trying to nab your precious power. Go into commonly used apps and have a look at their menus, as there’s often an option to alter the frequency of syncing or disable altogether.

You can take it one step further with Android, heading into ‘Accounts and Sync’ in the settings to cut that data off at the source, although you will have to manually check thing like Facebook #firstworldproblemsamirite

5. Go off grid

While the notion that turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is often touted as a way of saving battery, in reality it’s effect is minimal and irritating when you actually want to use your fancy phone.

However, GPS is a bit of a killer still, so it’s best to go into the Location Settings on the phone and tweak it to a level you’re comfortable with. Things like Google Maps work better with a high degree of accuracy, and don’t nab too much power, but some other random apps can spend time tracking you for no real reason – it’s usually mot sinister, just badly written code.

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