Tips To Maintain a Perfect Beard

Beards have been the ultimate symbol of machismo, since time immemorial and have been held with much pride.

With the coming and going of numerous fads, a well-kept beard still manages to turn heads. This tutorial will help fellow beard aficionados in maintaining their facial hair properly.

1. Decide the Look

Even something as insignificant as growing facial hair needs some careful planning and consideration. Having grown your beard, you need to take good care of it. Decide the look you want to sport and grow your beard accordingly.

2. No Shaving

Maintaining a beard means that you cannot shave your facial hair anymore. Shaving regularly hampers hair growth. If you’re clean-shaven and wish to grow a beard, you can try so over a weekend, since it might attract negative attention at your workplace.


3. Proper Diet and Sleep

A good diet coupled with proper rest is a boon for maintaining a healthy beard. Resting for at least 6 hours at night will strengthen the hair follicles. Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables along with a protein rich diet promote a lustrous shine in facial hair. It also helps grow hair faster. Taking biotin supplements daily will ensure a thick growth of hair.

4. Exercise

Exercising regularly helps in growing and maintaining a lustrous beard. The high metabolic rate and the resultant improved blood circulation strengthen the hair growth rate.


5. Grooming

Having grown your beard to the desired length, it is increasingly important to take good care of it. Trim it regularly to prevent split ends. Use a mild shampoo to exfoliate the pores andwash away the oils and dirt. Keep your beard hydrated by using a mild conditioner. Invest in a beard trimmer and use it to trim down your hair regularly. Comb through your beard regularly to remove the tangles and snarls in your hair.

6. Avoid Stress

Stress is the biggest impediment in good hair growth. It will facilitate hair fall and weaken follicular strength. In order to maintain your beard, you should do away with stressful thoughts and engage with optimistic minded people. Keeping depression at bay will prove to be a boon for your beard.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to keep your beard looking sharp at all times.

And for more tips

3-Way Mantra to Maintain The Beard

In a culture, that has not really identified good old-fashioned masculinity, growing a full-grown beard shows that you’re not afraid of being a manly man. So, guys throw the razors in the trash for we tell you the simple 3-way mantra to grow and maintain a perfect beard.


Maintain a Perfect Beard - Commit

Growing a beard requires commitment, so logically the question that you should ask yourself while growing a beard is why you should NOT grow a beard? This is because shaving is a norm, and keeping a full-grown beard is an exception, so, it may require a bit of thinking. Moreover, decisions made in haste can be easily reversed on second thought. Additionally, maintaining a beard can be a full- time task, which is why it is always advisable to make a commitment and stick with it. Choosing a bearded role-model for inspiration always helps, too. Get set, grow!


Maintain a Perfect Beard - Grow

When starting to let your beard grow, just stop shaving completely. Don’t shave at all for the first 3 weeks, even if you are just planning to grow a circle beard or goatee. This is because if you don’t wait and cut off your hair more than you really wanted, there should be something left to salvage the look. Also, chances are that you may change your mind and would perhaps want to go for something else altogether – like an oversized goatee. Of course, you can always trim it down to a smaller size later.

After four weeks, you can start shaping the beard. Usually, one starts by defining the neckline along the bottom of your beard around the neck. This should probably be done by a professional barber or stylist. If you experience itching, keep your skin clean by using a daily shampoo and occasionally using a conditioner. You can also try applying lotion or baby oil to the areas which are itching. That will give you relief effectively. However, don’t let that deter you. Let your beard grow!


Maintain a Perfect Beard - Care

Here comes the difficult part – maintaining your beard! If you cannot find a barber who’s sufficiently trustworthy to trim your beard, its best you invest in a beard trimmer and learn to use it. Most men actually find the process of trimming beard less time consuming than shaving. The skin beneath the facial hair also has a tendency to grow dry. So, while you’re using your daily mild shampoo for your beard, you should also, meanwhile, invest in a beard conditioner. This will not only hydrate the skin, but will also soften the hair, clean and provide a refreshing scent.

Like it a not, facial hair is a sign of strength, resilience and masculinity. Its best you sport it for yourself and see the positive difference it brings into your life.

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