Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World

10. iPhone Princess Plus : $176,400 (approx – ₹ 1 crore 8 lakh)


The Princess Plus got its name from the Princess cut used on 138 of the 318 diamonds on its surface. The other 180 diamonds on the phone were brilliant-cut. In total, the phone has 17.75 carats of diamonds set in 18k white gold around its rim.

9. Savelli Smartphones : $250,000 (approx – ₹ 1 crore 50 lakh)


Savelli makes expensive phones with 18-carat gold casings encrusted with diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds. You can also add other luxury finishes like ostrich, python, iguana leather. One of the most expensive models is called Emerald Night and made of 18-carat rose gold and 400 emeralds.

8. Black-Diamond VIPN Smartphone : $300,000 (approx – ₹ 1 crore 85 lakh)


Jaren Goh designed the Black-Diamond VIPN Smartphone for Sony. The phone features a polycarbonate mirror and LED technology – and of course, being a phone in this list, it also has two diamonds. There is a diamond on the back shell and one on the navigation stick.

7. Vertu Signature Cobra : $310,000 (approx – ₹ 1 crore 90 lakh)


Designed by French jeweler Boucheron, but you had better be quick as only 8 are being made! The Cobra will feature one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies.

6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot : $1 million (approx – ₹ 6 crore 15 lakh)


Gresso is known for its incredibly expensive handsets but today the company reached a whole new level by announcing the Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. And it is a jackpot alright: the phone is priced at 1 000 000 US dollars and only three units of it were produced (each with a number engraved on its back).

5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone :  $1.3 million (approx – ₹ 8 crore)


Designed by diamond encrusted Peter Aloisson and manufactured by a Russian firm, this smartphone is equipped with world class technological security. Added to which are 50 diamonds and a hefty price of $1.3 million.

4. GoldVish Le Million : $1.3 million (approx -₹ 8 crore)

goldvish-le-million (1)

This handcrafted cell phone is made of 18-carat white gold, mounted with 120-carat VVS-1 graded diamonds. ‘Le million’ Piece Unique was first introduced in September 2006 in Europe at the Millionaire Fair. A Russian businessman bought the phone for one million euros. Guinness World Records officials were present at the time of the transaction and declared the sale as the most expensive and most exclusive mobile phone ever sold.

3. iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond : $2.7 million (approx – ₹ 16 crore 60 lakh)


The iPhone Amosu Call of Diamond is a luxury edition that is encrusted with 6,127 tiny diamonds and a larger diamond on its back that is cut in the shape of the apple logo. The phone body itself is, of course, made of no less than 18 carat gold. Impressive and classy, it takes two months to make the phone casing for this sweet toy.

2. iPhone 5 Black Diamond : $15.3 million (approx – ₹ 94 crore )


Stuart Hughes, known for crafting luxury Apple devices covered in precious metals and encrusted with rare stones, has created the most expensive iPhone 5 – embedded with a rare black diamond. News has it that a Chinese businessman, the owner of the black diamond, contacted Stuart Hughes about his gold iPhones, and commissioned the handset. The Black Diamond iPhone 5 is priced at a whopping $15.3 million.

1. iPhone 6 Falcon SuperNova Edition : $48.5 million (approx – ₹ 300 crore)


The U.S. luxury brand’s costliest ‘SuperNova” edition iPhone 6 comes with rose-gold case along with a pink diamond embedded on the back. The price? Just $48.5 million. And you have to pay 50% upfront when you pre-order the phone.
Falcon uses gemstones and premium metals to fabricate limited edition iPhones for ultra-high net worth individuals and collectors who want a unique experience with their smartphones and accessories. The entire collection includes 24 choices. It offers three case choices (24-carat gold, platinum and rose gold) that have the same cost…

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