Top Ten Marvel Strong Guys

Everyone loves the big guys in comics and movies. The guys who smash stuff and leave lots of property damage. What we have here is a list of my top ten strong guys in the Marvel Universe.


1. Hulk:

Let’s be completely honest, Hulk is the strongest there is and when it comes to needing a big guy to help you in a fight, there isn’t a stronger, tougher person to have on your side. Beyond the fact that the madder he gets the stronger he gets, The Hulk almost seems like he just doesn’t stop going. He’s been shot into space, enslaved by tyrants and forced to fight as a gladiator, shot up with adammatium bullets and shrapnal, cut up by Wolverine, relentlessly attacked and chased by the military, but for some reason he always ends up on the winning end and leaving a lot of opponents leaving with their tails between their legs.

Bad Ass Moment:

I’ve talked about World War Hulk before, but realistically, there isn’t anyone that the Hulk hasn’t taken out. He’s beaten everyone he’s fought. Wolverine, Thor, Ben Grimm, The Inhumans, The X-Men, The Avengers, The Wrecking Crew, and a ton more. He’s that dangerous. Even when he loses he ends up looking like the winner because you don’t really beat The Hulk. You pretty much just hope you survive the experience.

2. Thor:

Son of Odin, God of Thunder, and one tough S.O.B. He is revered as one the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe and feared among villains. Even without the hammer Mjilnor, Thor is not someone to be messed with. While everyone on this list before him has had a bit of a slump at some point, Thor has remained consistent when it comes to being one of the greats. Never giving up and willing to sacrifice himself to save people. Even if that sacrifice is his life and bringing the Ragnorok.

Bad ass moment:

During “Fear Itself” Thor took on the Hulk AND The Thing. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was fighting the two of them when both of their strength and power was increased by magical Asgardian magical hammers. Thor went on to kill Ben Grimm by putting Mjolnir through his chest (lucky for him, Franklin Richards was there to heal the mortal wound). After he took care of him, Thor went on to hit the Hulk so hard he knocked him into space. The Hulk ended up landing in Europe and ended up fighting Dracula.

3. Thanos:

While Thanos is super strong, it’s his genius on top of his strength that put him so high on this list. Thanos has been outsmarting heroes and villains alike for decades. People tend to forget that he can take multiple punches from the Hulk straight up because he doesn’t fight very often because he’d rather not get his hands dirty. Thanos has also been the most successful with the Infinity Gems. So much so that when people think of the gems they wonder why Thanos doesn’t have them.

Bad Ass Moment:

What else you got, thunder god?
What else you got, thunder god?

Thanos took a giant lightning bolt from Thor and said “Do it again”. Thor then hits him with an even BIGGER lightning bolt from Thor and Thanos stood there and asked, “Is that all?”.

4. Sentry/The Void:

I don’t know if there has ever been a person in Marvel that has been feared like The Sentry is. One of the things that makes Sentry so feared is that he is completely insane and unpredictable. Iron Man once told Dr. Doom that Sentry will kill you and not even realize he did it. That is the type of crazy Sentry is. He’s one of the two strongest people in the Marvel universe in strength and he apparently can control molecules. Then there’s the power of a million exploding suns. He’s pretty much Superman plus.

Bad Ass Moment:

Choking the god of war with ease
Choking the god of war with ease

During The Siege of Asgard, Sentry took out Ares The Greek God of War without breaking a sweat. Not only did he take him out, but he ripped him in half like it was nothing and still had enough juice left to take out Loki just as easy. That’s two gods destroyed in less than a day.

5. Namor:

You can’t have a list about the strongest without mentioning the king of the seas and ruler of Atlantis. Namor may not have a ton of classic fights because he spends a lot of time trying to swoon Sue Storm away from Reed Richards. Despite that, he’s not someone to be messed with. He is one of the strongest people in Marvel and even stronger when he’s under water. To make it worse, he absolutely knows how strong he is and won’t hesitate to show you (and tell you how great he is at nauseum) . He even held off the Sentry crazy butt.

Bad Ass Moment:

He beat She-Hulk WITH Luke Cage
He beat She-Hulk WITH Luke Cage

During “The Avengers vs X-Men” series, Namor took on Luke Cage a couple of times. The first time he fought him with Ben Grimm at Cage’s side and held his own. The next time he fought Cage, he fought Cage and She-Hulk and Namor beat She-Hulk WITH Cage. It was impressive and pretty funny.

6. Colossus:

The X-Men’s bruiser and the guy who always seems to end up being the one who has to fight the other team’s bruiser. Colossus is so high on this list is because he has consistently been tough and fought for what he believed in. So much so that he has given up his life so the Legacy Virus wouldn’t kill more mutants and he later sacrificed his more gentler thoughts and tendencies when he accepted the Gem of Cyttorak so his sister wouldn’t become evil. Well, more evil than she already was.

Bad Ass Moment:

As if being big, metal, and strong wasn't enough.
As if being big, metal, and strong wasn’t enough.

With the power of Cyttorak, Colossus beat the ever loving crap out of any and everyone who got in his way. This list includes Spider-Man, Juggernaut powered with a magical Asgardian hammer, The Thing, and others.

7. Red Hulk:

Theodore “Thunderbolt” Ross wanted to destroy the Hulk so badly that he not only became a Hulk, but he worked with known villains to make it happen. Ross would sacrifice everything he believed in to take out the Hulk. He isn’t as strong as the Hulk, but what he does have over the Hulk and a lot of the other super strong guys is a military mind and wartime experience.

Bad Ass Moment:

In his first few appearances he knocked out the Watcher with one punch and took out Thor. Not bad for a first appearance.

8. King Hyperion (Earth 4023)

He killed all his world’s heroes and villains in an attempt to become their. Unfortunately, Hyperion was such a horrible and ruthless person that the world leaders set off all of their nukes to destroy him and ended up destroying their entire planet and everyone on it in the process. Everyone died accept Hyperion who was the only person left on a planet of dust and destroyed buildings.

Bad Ass Moment:

Who's next?
Who’s next?

When Hyeprion was drafted by the Timebreakers to fix the timestream, Hyperion took the time to try and find a new kingdom with every new world he visited. Just like his home world, everyone that got in his way was completely dominated. On one Earth, he sat on a throne in Times Square surrounded by the fallen superheroes he bested.

9. Luke Cage:

Leader of the New Avengers and kicker of booty all over the place. Cage started off as a giant stereotype for decades and once Brian Michael Bendis got a hold of him, he became a great character. When it comes to power, he is probably the weakest on this list and this makes his accomplishments more impressive. A man who is so tough and intimidating that he gave Wolverine pause.

Bad Ass Moment:

There was a prison riot on The Raft and Luke Cage was threatened and surrounded by people who wanted to hurt and possibly him? Does Luke Cage run? No he does not. What he does is beat the snot out of all of them to teach them a lesson. Don’t f*** with Luke Cage.

10. Ultimate Ben Grimm:

Sorry 616 Ben Grimm, but you just don’t make the cut. This Ben Grimm is everything that 616 Ben Grim should be. For one, he actually wins fights. He also embraced his outer appearance more and when his rocky hide turned out to be a cocoon and he could switch to his rocky for or a cosmic form. After the transformation, he still remained a tough guy that could take out anyone. He’s even knocked out two hulks. Granted, one of them was being suffocated by Sue Storm, he still knocked him out. And then he knocked out zombie Hulk with out punch. That’s right, he knocked out a Hulk with one shot.

Bad Ass Moment:

This Ben Grimm does what has to be done.
This Ben Grimm does what has to be done.

Ben Grimm found out that it was Dr. Doom who set the Ultimatum in motion and later he walked right up to Doom and crushed his head in his mask and left like it was nothing. Someone who finally gave Doom what he deserved.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading……….


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Top Ten Marvel Strong Guys

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