Wait Is Over!! Here is DEADPOOL – TRAILER

The superhero world is in a flux. Practically every other month, we meet a comic book favourite come alive on screen. Last month, we met insect-sized Ant-Man whose superstrength is that ants got his back, and now we are being introduced to Deadpool who has as many R-rated jokes up his sleeve as he has blood-drenched stunts.

So, ladies and gentlemen, or rather nerds of the world, here’s Deadpool in all his red-drenched glory in the trailer premiered on Conan O’Brien’s show on Tuesday night. The trailer was first shown at Comic-Con and recieved a standing ovation. The USP of this cult character, played by a non-romantic Ryan Reynolds, from a cult comic series is that he is non-generic. As the fans know, Deadpool is not like your typical Marvel/DC superheroes and that plays well on screen.



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