Wedding Pullav Movie | Review

CAST:                                                   Anushka Ranjan, Diganth Manchale, Sonalli Sehgall, Karan Grover, Rishi Kapoor
DIRECTION:                                      Binod Pradhan
GENRE:                                               Romance
DURATION:                                       2 hours 3 minutes

STORY: Anushka aka Lambu (Anushka Ranjan) and Aditya (Diganth Manchale) are ‘best friends’ (think Shah Rukh-Kajol in KKHH or Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney in MBFW). They’ve always loved each other but realise that they are in love with each other when they are on the verge of getting married to other people. Anushka gets engaged to Jai (Karan Grover) and Aditya to Ria (Sonalli Sehgall). Can the two make up their minds for good before things get too far?

REVIEW: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and My Best Friend’s Wedding revamped, this pulav is probably the most stale wedding dish you’ll have ever. The film follows the standard Punjabi wedding film template to the T, then giving it the cliched ‘pyaar dosti hai’ twist to infuse novelty. The end result is so bland, predictable and juvenile that you’ll probably hate the joy of weddings or the concept of love altogether.

Shot in picturesque Thailand, we wish the film had a stronger content and some substance. You don’t relate to or feel for any character or their dilemmas. When friends fight, they randomly take off to London. Also, while everybody keeps harping on love and friendship, they fail to evoke any form of emotion. All you see is actors with zero chemistry and acting skills singing songs, dancing, strolling on the beach, flaunting fancy wedding clothes and bikinis, flashing dimples and spouting gyaan on marriage.

As if their philosophy is not enough, you have Rishi Kapoor reprising his Love Aaj Kalcharacter. He doubles up as the hotel manager/ love guru/ agony aunt, who only makes an appearance to give unsolicited advice. He is still the only bearable aspect of this shaadi.

Wedding pullav seems like a never-ending wedding video of an acquaintance, you feel nothing for. It’s loaded with mandatory party/ wedding songs, honeymoon jokes, friendly banter, mummiji’s drama, et al. What the film lacks is heart and scrumptious food!

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