What? Alok Nath is Not Sanskari?

The same was my reaction when I just woke up this morning and scrolling through my tweet feed.

Sometimes some realities need to show up.
Seriously Alok Nath did this? ( I need some time to recover from the shock)
The actor is famous for playing characters who conform to Indian traditional values/ “sanskars” and he became an internet sensation overnight because of memes, trolls and jokes quoting his love for “sanskaars”. But on Sunday he did something “unsanskari”.
Prime minister Shri Narendra modi started a campaign #selfiewithdaughter  to promote the girls of india and their importance in the eyes of parents. The campaign was indeed a very good initiative but there were some people who criticized and raised questions on the campaign.
Kavita Krishnan is a noted women’s right activist and columnist and this is what she tweeted.




The tweet is reference to the nearly two years old snoopgate when Modi right hand Amit Shah now party president of BJP did a surveillance on woman through VB under the order of Modi ji.
the way he tweeted this tweet he shed his so called “ sanskari” image.
So called “adarsh liberals” and the “modi bhakts” were outraged and started replying to her tweet in a very scathing and disgusting way crossing all the line. Some tweet even pointed on her skin colour.
have a look at some tweets.

So it is clear that no matter how you post images #hashtagged #selfiewithdaughter to respect Indian daughters. When you can’t respect a Woman you cannot even respect  a daughter.
Alok ji we are disappointed.

Tushar Luthra

By #TusharLuthra

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