World’s First Anti Rape Condom For Women

Thank god, after years of development, someone has finally come up with a creative idea to fight rape assaults. Ladies, can you imagine yourself using one of these?

Please Meet The World's First Anti Rape Condom - The

The “Rape-aXe” contains sharp teeth from its inside. Once the attacker go inside, it will hook on the … you know what, which will cause terrible pain for the rapist. Only a doctor can get this device out of his… you know what.

Same Practice As Tampon

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, a South African citizen, is the so called proud inventor. After years of work with rape victims, she decided to fight back, inventing this magnificent product. Dr. Sonnet plans to export and market het product worldwide, so as many women as possible will feel safe.

Mass Production

The opposers think this product won’t be useful, as it’s hard to carry this big product. Also, they claim that it won’t provide protection for women worldwide, as the mental damage of a sexual attack will be done once the rapist penetrate the victim.

Raise Many Questions And Controversies


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