The World’s First Ever Adult Cruise Will Look Like This And It’s Going To Blow Your Mind!

Someone once said, ‘Vacations are necessities, not luxuries.’ But this vacation is a luxury you wish you never have to miss.

Forget the beaches and the mountains, all the adults are going to have the time of their life, right in the middle of the sea when they get aboard this cruise that has a unique theme. Times are changing, and while you’re just reading Fifty Shades Of Grey, there are people who are actually going to experience not just fifty, but hundred shades on the world’s first ever $EX cruise. Yes! You read that right.


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Mexican adult hospitality company, Original Group is offering the ‘Venice Foreplay: Desire Cruise,’ which is going to be an eight-day long tour starting from Venice, Italy. This is the world’s first ever adult themed cruise, which has only one thing to offer in plenty and that is – $EX!


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They are all set to heat up the temperature. Have a look at what more has been revealed about this adult themed cruise:

Clothing-optional pool areas to get yourself tanned.

The cruise has promised very ‘Intense Icebreakers.’

It’s going to be full of sensual performances, steamy couple workshops, erotic playrooms and some very fascinating adult entertainment shows.

A chance to mingle with open-minded couples and indulge in couple spas.

5The Azmara Quest ship will set sail to Italy, through three Croatian cities and two Slovenian cities from 26th September 2017 to 3rd October 2017, and costs $2,883, which amounts to almost Rs. 2 lakhs.

So, have you already started checking your savings?

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